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Originally Posted by Lee View Post
I don't have time at the moment to read the today's posts so far (today I'm actually busy, go figure). I must say it's a bit disconcerting to see my life discussed so clinically, LOL! I'm just kidding, I'm happy to help supply an example for learning purposes.

I should say a bit more about my work situation. Basically I provide services to litigation attorneys. (Minderwiz will be interested to know that my work involves computers and communication, and in fact I can't imagine a more Mercury-like profession.) Myself and everyone who does my kind of work are independent contractors. When attorneys need the service, they call an agency, and the agency has regular contractors like me who they assign the work to, and I go to the law firms and perform the service. The agency bills the attorneys for my services. When the attorneys pay the bill, the agency gives me a percentage and keeps the rest for their overhead and profit.

So it really isn't that I sell my services to the agency. It would be more accurate to say that the agency sells my services to the attorneys (the ultimate clients).

Regarding which house to use, it could go either way. I immediately thought of the 10th house because although I am self-employed and the agency is only an agency, it so happens that I feel as if they were my employer. The agency's principals aren't friends of mine but we have high regard for each other. They trust me to do a good job for them, and I trust them to treat me right, which they do (at least as far as I know). I've known them since they were teenagers. We have been loyal to each other. Our relationship is based on mutual economic interest, but I feel kindly towards them and I would certainly like to think they feel the same towards me. So my relationship with them feels more like a trusted employer/employee relationship than an agent relationship.

On the other hand, Astraea is certainly correct that technically and legally they're an agency who hires me as an independent contractor and not an employer.

So I'm gathering that the assignment of houses sort of a subjective art. Are there specific guidelines for a case like this where we have a technical truth and and emotional truth that may disagree?
Thanks for the info Lee and I gather that you have now got work!!

Yes there's some subjectivity but I would say mainly on the part of the querent. Looking at your description of what you actually do, it appears to be a classic agent releationship, at least in law. In that case the Law firms would get the seventh as the buyer of your services, and the agency would get the sixth which is ruled by Jupiter. Now if you hadn't mentioned your feelings to the agency or described them as your employer in the question, this is the arrangement I would have used based on your desciption of your work.

However my feelings are that what matters is the querent's feelings about their situation, not the legal arrangement. If you habitually think of the agency as your employer then you have put yourself in a tenth house relationship to them and the houses, as you assigned them were correct.

If the agency used your services, if and when they needed them but all your dealings were with them, not the Law Firm, then the agency becomes the seventh House buyer of your services, and of course if you saw yourself as selling your services to them.l

So based on your feelings, I'd go for the tenth House relationship and say that it's likely based on the chart that a client or friend of the agency is represented by Mercury and they will bring the agency to your money - the Sun. I don't think this is as weak as Astraea does because there is both mutual reception by exaltation and that partile trine. The conclusion though only holds for the 2 week period, whether circumstances improve or decline after that is another matter, though I agree with Astraea that the Horary shows current trends.

Now if on reflection you feel that you got the relationship with the agency wrong, then we can revisit it but I don't think much will substantially change. The Law firm becomes the seventh House and it is not in a bad situation at the moment - Saturn is in exaltation and the Moon will aspect Saturn (ignoring the previous aspect to the South Node) so that would suggest some work will come. Again though there are some concerns that the situation is not as good as it could be and certainly with the Moon being Peregrine, you are very much at the mercy of others.
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