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Originally Posted by Ronia View Post
Thanks, MInderwiz. From all written, I think I better give up horary all together. I can't see how things fall into places, it apparently requires far more knowledge and interpretation than I have the ability for.
It's not really more difficult than Tarot reading, in that the trick is to relate the significators to the question asked but clearly there is a learning curve to begin with - perseverance will get you there and you identified much of the key astrological information in the first place. Take it in small steps and don't expect to be able to do everything at once

Originally Posted by Ronia
There are some things that may be true in another way though. Peregrine sounds much like me - I'm not willing to be stuck anywhere. Who knows, may be I'll move again and this will change the situation all together. I chose a longer term because previous times I chose shorter terms and the answers were so negative but it seems the longer term doesn't help much. Too bad. Seems like a third jobless year may be starting. I wish I had asked another question. Thanks for the help.
I think three months would have been a comfortable period for the question and as you're using it as a learning exercise I don't think you have to conclude that you're not going to get a job for the rest of the year. I actually think the horary showed some promise It also gives you some things to think about, in preparation for your entry into the job market. I don't see this horary holding for the whole year, unless you want it to. There are things you can begin to work on to improve matters.

Originally Posted by Ronia
I just wanted to know about the mutual reception - what if Venus is in Pisces and Jupiter is in Taurus (both are significators), does it mean such reception would allow perfection even if they don't form an aspect? Is that what is meant by "rulers" in mutual reception?

And the second thing - the transition of light, does it require the Moon (for example) to not have any other aspect before it aspects the second significator?
Yes, you are right on both counts. Lilly sees a mutual reception by sign as a clear indicator of a successful outcome. I don't see any reason why the same should not apply to a mutual reception by exaltation, though I would prefer to see an aspect there as well (as in Lee's horary). Below that level of dignity I would definitely want to see the aspect between the significators. I would then be very happy to predict a successful outcome.

For translation of light a faster planet must in turn aspect one significator and then go on to aspect the other, without any intervening aspects to other planets. If there is such an intervening aspect, the matter is 'prohibited' by that intervening aspect. In simple terms, if a third planet gets in the way of the Moon translating the light from significator 1 to significator 2 then then matter will not work out.

It seems to me that you have a reasonable grip of mutual reception and translation of light, simply by asking those two particular questions - don't be so pessimistic about your own skills and ability - I think you have as good a grasp as I would expect at this stage, probably better!
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