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I would like to try both, if you'd like to do my reading and post it, then i can use my chart to see how you got there, I already have my chart at I posted it below in case it helps.

I have a couple of questions, I guess the most important one is what will March first be like for me? I have a competition, and I'd like to know how well I am going to place? Thank you.

Planetary positionsplanet sign degree motion

Sun Virgo 2746'53 in house 5 direct
Moon Scorpio 1214'42 in house 6 direct
Mercury Libra 1722'24 in house 6 retrograde
Venus Virgo 1621'06 in house 5 direct
Mars Sagittarius 042'44 in house 7 direct
Jupiter Scorpio 938'55 in house 6 direct
Saturn Libra 2151'08 in house 6 direct
Uranus Sagittarius 120'50 in house 7 direct
Neptune Sagittarius 2420'11 in house 8 direct
Pluto Libra 2542'45 in house 6 direct
True Node Cancer 947'03 end of house 2 retrograde
Planets at the end of a house are interpreted in the next house.

House positions (Placidus)Ascendant Taurus 2201'25
2nd House Gemini 1826'03
3rd House Cancer 949'02
Imum Coeli Leo 135'45
5th House Leo 2818'00
6th House Libra 529'11
Descendant Scorpio 2201'25
8th House Sagittarius 1826'03
9th House Capricorn 949'02
Medium Coeli Aquarius 135'45
11th House Aquarius 2818'00
12th House Aries 529'11
eh, I used where I was born, I suppose for the question, i have read i am supposed to use the place where I am at now.
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