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Hi Lee. I haven't mastered multiple quotes, so I'll just answer your questions in order.

One discovers when a planet will become direct, retrograde or stationary by looking in the ephemeris - a chart only shows the planet's status as of a particular moment in time, whereas that can change within a few hours. This is why Frawley and others insist that one actually look at an ephemeris before making judgements about aspects (which might not actually reach perfection, regardless of what seems to be indicated in the chart).

When Saturn leaves Libra, he will enter the next sign in the orderly progression of the zodiac - Scorpio - where he does not enjoy any dignities. One can determine this by looking at a table of planetary dignities and debilities, such as this one: Run your eyes down the left-hand side of the diagram, and when you reach the symbol for Scorpio, read across the line - you won't find Saturn listed for any of the major dignities (i.e. sign rulership, triplicity rulership, or exaltation). Not enjoying any dignity in Scorpio, he is said to be peregrine.

Saturn's period of retrogradation - like Mars' - is determined by looking at the ephemeris. Whenever a planet turns retrograde, this is indicated in the ephemeris by the letter "R" next to its degree notation. When the planet goes direct, the R no longer appears in the degree column. For a few days before and after a planet changes direction, it is said to be stationary - moving very slowly in preparation for making its apparent turn.

Yes, a company is an entity and, as such, can be referred to the 7th house. However, since you clarified your own views on the agency (in one your last posts), it seems to be a 10th house matter for you - and that is what counts. So my gloomy prognostication might not pan out, and I hope it doesn't!
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