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Originally Posted by Lee View Post
I'm the querent so I get the first house. But what house represents the quesited? A more basic question would be, who/what is the quesited for this question? Is it my brother (third house)?
As the querent, you get the first house, and your brother gets the third (brothers and sisters). House signification is determined by the subject of the question - and this is clearly a third-house sibling relationship. BUT...if I were you, yes, I would turn the chart and place the third house cusp on the Ascendant, because you want to know the status of your brother's viability and health; you are not asking whether or not you will reeastablish ties with him.

In the unturned chart, an applying aspect between your significator and the lord of the third house might show the possibility of a reconnection with your brother if you desired one, but the actual status of your brother would be indicated by the condition of the ruler of the third house and any planets therein, in combination with aspects to planets signifying the viability of your brother (hence the value of turning the chart).

There is a very nice on-line ephemeris here:
Scroll down the page until you come to the year you want, click on it, and a one-month ephemeris will appear. You will find all the months of that year listed horizontally at the top of the ephemeris, and all you have to do is click on the one you want to see. Retrograde periods are shown in red, which is very convenient.
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