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Thanks Astraea, that on-line ephemeris is very helpful.

Astraea's advice on turning the chart sounds like good advice, however since Minderwiz hasn't yet really delved into turned charts/derived houses, and I'm a bit fearful of stepping into the unknown and finding myself with nothing to stand on. So I've decided to keep it simple and keep the chart unturned for now. After I feel more advanced, I'll certainly revisit this chart and try it the other way.

So the question is: Is my brother alive?

The chart info: January 26, 2012, 2:18 a.m., Bethesda, Maryland, 77 degrees 06 W, 38 degrees 58 N, -5 GMT.

For completeness, I'll repeat what I posted about the background of the question:
Originally Posted by Lee
I thought this would be an interesting question because it allows us to deal with a somewhat edgy topic (life/death of a close family member) but without having to worry about the answer's emotional effect on the querent (me). I obviously have an interest in the answer, but I don't feel emotionally closely connected to it. The circumstances are these: About 35 years ago, my brother (five years my senior), who had mental health issues, vanished at age 21. He took his clothes with him, so clearly his leaving was voluntary. Because of his condition (clinically diagnosed schizophrenia), living with him was impossible, and perhaps he sensed that. No one in my family has seen or heard from him since.

Because of the difficult family situation, I was not close with him and in fact was rather relieved when he vanished. Our family doctor told my mother that he felt it was unlikely that my brother would live very long because of other health problems. But who knows? In any event, an answer one way or another won't upset me.
Now on to interpretation. How exciting -- I feel like I'm on a roller coaster, about to plunge downward...

Is the Moon Void of Course? No -- the Moon in Pisces will soon conjunct Venus in Pisces.

Ascendant is in Scorpio so my significator is Mars in Virgo in 10th House.
Third House cusp is in Capricorn so my brother's significator is Saturn in Libra in 11th House.

Condition of each significator:
Mars: Peregrine (-5). 10th House (+5). Retrograde (-5). Slow (-2). Total -7.

Saturn: Exaltation (+4). 11th House (+4). Slow (-2). Total +6.

No mutual receptions.

No major aspects between significators (they are in adjacent signs).

No antiscia connections between significators.

There is an applying sextile between the Moon and Jupiter.

No connections between significators indicates no contact between us. (Not a surprise, contact was very unlikely whether he is alive or not.) The applying sextile between Moon and Jupiter seems somewhat ambiguous for this particular question -- it suggests emotional fulfillment, but for whom? All things considered, when looked at objectively, I would rather he were alive than not, so I'm going to assume this aspect points towards living, combined with the relative strength of his significator.

However, does Jupiter's (in the 6th House of illness) sextile with the Moon mean that the aspect is benefic in the sense that there is less illness (thus a net postive) , or in the sense that the illness is stronger?

Now, I'm going to go out on a limb and do a single derived house. The question specifically wants to know about death, so I'm going to look at the 8th house (death) from the 3rd (sibling). That would be the 10th. Ruler of 10th is Mercury, which is in Capricorn in the 3rd house.

So Mercury, here the ruler of death, is in the 3rd House of my brother. Also there is a separating square between Mercury (ruler of death) and Saturn (my brother's significator). Perhaps indicating recently deceased?

Well, that's as far as I'll go for now. My brother seems well-placed (certainly better-placed than my significator -- perhaps he is more alive than I am? ) but with the derived house it looks bad.

I'm looking forward to learning what mistakes I've made -- the best way to learn!

Edited to add: Forgot to attach chart.
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