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Originally Posted by queen_of_wands View Post
I wantedto know what March 1 would be like, I have a competition, and I'd like to know how well I am going to place? Thank you.
Thanks for that and sorry for the delay in getting back to you - Today has been rather busy to say the least!!

Looking at your link to the data appears to be for the time and place of your birth, rather than the time and place that you asked the question. Horary is independent of your birth details it is based solely on the time that you felt strongly enough about a matter to ask the question. It's a bit like someone coming to you for a Tarot reading, your not concerned with what the cards were like when they were born, but the cards here and now for the burning question that has brought them in for a reading.

Sadly the non-natal part of Astrology has dwindled a lot, so much so that people associate Astrology solely with their birth sign and details. As you said in one of your previous posts, you would like to try both me, and your own reading. So I'll leave that still as a possibility but I'll get on with doing a reading for you.

I suggest a good question would be, 'How well will I perform in the competition on March 1?' as a starting point.

Now I'm going to make an assumption here, which I'd like you to come back on. The assumption is that there's more than you and one other competitor - it's not one singly one to one match. Rather I'm assuming that you may be involved in more than one match or have to play against several others. If I'm wrong here please get back to me.

I'll do the chart straight away and begin posting tomorrow (local time).
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