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Originally Posted by Lee View Post
Thanks Astraea, that on-line ephemeris is very helpful.

Astraea's advice on turning the chart sounds like good advice, however since Minderwiz hasn't yet really delved into turned charts/derived houses, and I'm a bit fearful of stepping into the unknown and finding myself with nothing to stand on. So I've decided to keep it simple and keep the chart unturned for now. After I feel more advanced, I'll certainly revisit this chart and try it the other way.
Lee there's no need to wait for me, if you feel it's something you'd like to try

If you are just concerned about your brother's well being and state of health, there's no need to turn the chart. As Astraea points out the condition and placement of Lord 3 will given you a very good guide to that.

Indeed I would only turn the chart if you were asking a supplementary question. For example if the condition of Lord 3 was such that ill health was indicated, then you might possibly look at the sixth house from the third, to learn more about the disease.

I used to do a lot of chart turning at one stage but now I only turn a chart if it's absolutely necessary. If you asked Will my brother marry his fiancee?' I'd first ascertain that you had no desires on the young lady and if I were convinced that your interest was solely with your brother, then I'd give him the first and the fiancee the seventh. It would be a chart in which you played no significant role. If you did have designs on the young lady, then brother is third and his fiancee is ninth, and you are first.
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