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The chart was cast for the moment I understood your question, last night. As you can see from the attached chart it has Mars Retrograde and exactly conjunct the Ascendant, Whilst Mars is in his own Terms, that is still not a good sign for the question, especially as Mars is accidentally Lord 8.

Your significator is Mercury, on the cusp of the fifth house and combust (and going further into combustion). Mercury is in his own Terms and is not badly placed by House but the combustion is a serious weakness. Combustion normally means that the planet cannot be seen, but by the same token it is blinded by the Sun. It's placement suggests that you see the contest as something of a bit of fun, to be enjoyed, rather than a serious competition, though Saturn ruling the fifth does suggest that things are more serious than you think in this contest.

Contest horaries normally assign the seventh to the opposition, so the rest of the competitors are signified by Jupiter, ruler of the Pisces Descendant. The good news for you is that Jupiter is a lot less serious than Saturn, so if you 'open' your eyes and take things a bit more seriously for the competition then you have a chance. Jupiter is placed badly in the eighth House and is slow, having just turned direct (though that also implies that it will get stronger in the future (hopefully not strong enough quickly enough). As well as being Peregrine Jupiter happens to be in the Terms of Mercury, so your significator is stronger than that of the opposition and better placed. The supporters of the opposition are shown by the eighth house ruler - in this case Mars which is on your Ascendant. By supporters I mean someone or somebody who helps them, such as a trainer, or coach or simply a book or manual - something they rely on to do better. However on the cusp of the Ascendant Mars has some control over you, either directly or indirectly so their supporters are well positioned.

Your supporters are signified by the Lord of the Second House, which is Venus. Venus is poorly placed in the sixth but is in its exaltation. You have a better 'coach/trainer/manual' than the competition but it's not as well placed by any means as that of the competitors. So for example they may have not been taught well but they have enough knowledge to capitalise on it, whereas you are better trained but might not be able to make the most of it.

So will you win? There is no applying aspect between significators, but in this case we don't need one - the contest will take place on March 1. The outcome of the horary is decided by relative strength, and in that regard you are slightly stronger than the opposition but bear in mind Mars afflicts the Ascendant (You) and is naturally malefic and in this case Lord 8 and the supporter of the opposition. You ought to have a good chance but from this I don't think that chance will be good enough. You won't win. You ought to do moderately well though - you won't disgrace yourself by any means.

Now I've cast that for the date and time of my understanding of your question. There's a good case for casting it for March 1 and the time of the contest. However as there are many competitors, and there's no guarantee the time of the contest is when you actually get to 'perform' I think the current chart is a good personal indicator of your chances.
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