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If the question is about something you really want - such as will I get the job or will I find my lost earring, then an applying square or opposition is definitely negative. Lilly says that he hasn't come across any examples where an opposition has worked favourably and whilst sometimes the square does 'work' he says that it implies difficulty and indeed you might regret getting what you desired.

So if will I get a brand new car is signified by an applying square, you might get the car but it will be nothing but trouble and expense or even worse you might have a serious accident whilst driving it.

There may be times when the square or opposition might be favourable, but it would have to be a situation where you are hoping that something does not come to pass, such as being billed for $20,000 by the IRS, or even worse. Care must be taken though to check that the square or opposition doesn't simply indicate bad times ahead is such circumstances - so arguably a square might indicate that the IRS actually do succeed in billing you.

I'd tend to see them as always negative unless there's convincing evidence that they are preventing a nasty from happening. All the examples I can think of could also be read as indicating the 'nasty' will happen to you, as you have a clear wish that the nasty won't happen.

So 'Will the executioner catch his plane and get here in time for my execution tomorrow?' might show an opposition between Lord 8 (death) and Lord 3 (The plane) and you might interpret that as meaning he won't make it and you'll get reprieved.

However the question is really 'Will I escape execution tomorrow?' and the square or opposition indicates 'No' you won't rather than the executioner failing to catch his plane. A macabre example but it shows the dilemma in interpreting the aspect in a positive manner.

I'd be interested in how Astraea sees it as she's usually more able to see the direct and obvious answer.

edited to add:

Lilly allows translation of light to involve oppositions and squares but again I think we have to recognise that there is likely to be at best difficulties and delays involved. And at worst we don't like it when we get the quesited.
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