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Lee, you raise excellent points and questions which (for me, anyway) are far too complex to speak to categorically - even hypothetically. I touched on a few keynotes of my own approach in my post, but in reality, all manner of issues enter into a judgement (especially reception and non-aspectual contacts like antiscia). To me, trines and sextiles provide easy opportunity and the likelihood of a Yes answer (in certain contexts), but they do not imply inevitability. In the same manner, squares are difficult but don't deny fulfillment, while oppositions can bring about events in ways that end badly - but, again, with caveats. One must look at the whole chart, as summed up in the maddening phrase so often seen in astrological texts: "All things being equal."

Not only do astrologers often disagree - their disputes about pivotal issues can be ferocious (as seen on a few other forums). One must find one's own way, and it often feels as if one is flying blind. My route through these airlanes commenced with a study of general natal astrology, moving on to horary, and then to traditional approaches which gradually supplanted the modern psychological emphasis that characterized my earlier studies. I know of no other way to recognize one's individual resonance with astrological symbolism than to study Lilly and other source texts, practice constantly, and keep records of the results.

Minderwiz and I have no disputes or areas of significant disagreement, though in relatively brief forum posts it might sometimes appear as if we do. He is a superb practitioner of horary astrology, emphasizing Lilly's approach - and rightly so. Lilly, in my estimation, needs to be front and center in any course of horary study, and wherever I might seem to disagree with Minderwiz, there will be found only degrees of light and shade within a unified field.

(Edited to add/revise: Minderwiz is a superb astrologer, period - which one has to be, in order to master horary. John Frawley has famously stated that horary astrology was taught first in traditional usage, but in my view horary is extraordinarily layered and complex, requiring solid grounding in basic techniques most often found in natal work. At any rate - in any seeming dispute between me and Minderwiz, he gets my vote! )
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