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Oh, can I ever relate to your dilemma! It's awful to have noisy neighbors and I'm glad you'll be moving to a new location.

Was your chart drawn for today? I'll assume so.

Usually, when one is talking about "nexts" - next husband, next house, next neighbor - the existing party or situation is shown by one house, and the next by another removed at an equal distance; in this case, the noisemakers would be shown by the 3rd house (since they are your neighbors at this moment), and the new neighbors by the 5th (the 3rd from the 3rd). Note that this has nothing to do with typical 5th-house meanings - we're only talking about derived houses here. If you were purchasing a house, your existing house would be 4th and the prospective house would be 7th (4th from the 4th); new spouse would be 1st (7th from the 7th), and so on.

First we check to see if the chart describes the situation, and it does. You are shown as a tenant (your ruler Mercury being in the 6th house); your present neighbors are signified by Mars in the 1st house - they are in your face, literally. Your ruler is at 29 degrees Aquarius, showing that you are about to make a change. Mercury is moving away from combustion, underscoring your departure from a heated situation.

The Moon, which is always co-ruler of the question, is in the Via Combusta in the 3rd house of the existing neighbors, applying to a sextile with her ruler Mars in your first - to me, this underscores your irritation with them and the effort (sextile) it takes to share space with them.

The new neighbors are shown by Saturn in Libra, as Capricorn is on the cusp of the 5th (3rd from the 3rd). He is exalted, although retrograde. Mercury is indeed separating from a trine to Saturn, which probably represents recent contact (if only peripherally) with the new neighbors.

The fact that both you and the new neighbors are both disposited by an exalted Saturn is a good sign. It shows that you are in the same ballpark, so to speak - and will probably see things in a similar way.

This is a case that I would judge by the dignities and indications of the planets, more than aspects between significators. You are asking if the new neighbors will be a better match for you than the old, which the dignities indicate is indeed the case. You are not asking if you should move from one apartment to the next, but whether you will have a better rapport with the new neighbors than the existing ones - so the neighbors having the best dignities win.

The fact that the trine between Mercury (you) and Saturn (the new neighbors) is separating might show that you're enjoying some measure of wishful thinking that will require eventual adjustment (especially since Saturn is retrograde and exalted, a dignity that tends toward exaggeration), but still the new neighbors represent an improvement over the ones you have now.

Mercury and Mars (the existing neighbors) do have a reception, but without an aspect you have less and less attachment to them.

One thing that bothers me is that the term "neighbors" is so general, and an apartment complex involves many neighbors. So I would have to take the chart's indications in a loose and nonspecific way.

I'll be interested to hear how Minderwiz sees this situation.

(Edited to add: I was just looking over your score tabulation and see that you have listed Venus as ruler of the 3rd - I must have been wrong in assuming you cast the chart for today, and if so forget everything I've said ) I drew up a chart for today at 6:48 PM, Bethesda MD.)
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