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Originally Posted by idyll View Post

I'll post my location/the time I finalize the question at here, so that if you'd prefer to draw the chart for that time you can.. I'll probably draw one for that time and at least try to walk through it at some point over the next day or 2. Once I do so, I'll post it

I was torn between 2 questions, but I think there's one that's taken more importance for me right now, which is:

Will M and I have any kind of relationship in the next 2 months (so by around mid April)?

Background for this: M and I were very close, and have fallen out of contact in the past month or so although the doors are still more or less open for communication (there's a history here of being a bit on/off in each others lifes). We used to be romantically involved, but more recently were trying to build more of a friendship.

By relationship in this circumstance I mean any kind of relationship that is stable and consistent, whether it be one of friendship or one that is more romantic. It could even be a friendship where we only meet up for coffee once a month to catch up.. as long as it's predictable/consistent and there is no longer a question if we are or are not a part of each other's lifes.

Hope that's enough details to make my question correct, if not just let me know

When I draw this chart, I'll be drawing it for 2:08PM, with the location being Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
Okay.. I tried to pull this up on my own using Morinus, but I have gotten rather confused along the way.

I was able to pull up some of the info before Morinus got the better of me, so I think my main questions coming out of trying this are how to find any important information in Morinus that I may be missing, and also how to interpret all of the information together (I'm not completely sure where to start with that, even with what I do have).

Chart Info: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (4328′N 8031′W) at 14:08, GMT -5, no daylight savings

For me, 1st house, Moon in Scorpio in the 5th
For M I used the 7th house for relationships/partners, Saturn in Libra in the 5th

Does it mean anything that both significators are in the same house?

Admittedly, I got a bit confused trying to look these up, I used the Almutens -> Points option in Morinus, but I'm pretty sure I probably missed something while doing this.

From my best guess I think Moon is Peregrine which would be -5

and Saturn would be
+ 4 for being exalted
+ 3 for being in its own triplicity

Would I also look at the planets that rule the sign that the significators are in? Also, how would I know what the accidental dignities would be?

There are not aspects that directly connect the Moon/Saturn.

So this is as far as I got before getting a bit overwhelmed. I'm not sure how/where in Morinus to look to tell if there are other dignities involved here, or how to interpret even the ones that I have.

I know Minderwiz mentioned in one of the charts that Lilly allows for two other significators (Sun/Venus) to be used in relationship questions, would I use those here? If so, how do I connect them back create an overall view of the question?
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