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Minderwiz, please take a look at what I did here. The chart was cast on Feb 20, 2012, at 10:08 am in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Question: will I start a new committed relationship by the end of this year? Asc in Taurus, I'm Venus. She is in the 12th which is not good but it also shows that at this point I'd rather keep it secret which is true. Considering my son, I'd take it slowly and not demonstrating any relationship until I'm sure it's worth it. Also, I just don't feel like showing off any personal development, too many complications around me. He is Mars, ruler of the 7th, placed in the 5th - a lover? Or he will be in love? Good placement by house?

Venus and Mars are both in detriment but Venus is in her own terms, some dignity here. She is also in Mars's sign, is she depending on him? How to read this? Mars is in Venus's triplicity and has just left Venus's terms, is this mutual reception or is he leaving her influence, so to speak? But I don't know this man, so this is probably not the correct answer.

There is no aspect between Venus and Mars. But the Moon (my co-ruler) is forming an exact applying biquintil to Mars and I read that this is considered a bit of a "lucky circumstances" aspect, do we consider minor aspects? Next aspect the Moon will form is a sextile to Venus, so I thought the Moon here is carrying light, am I correct and is this a positive answer. The Sun (if I take it as the man's co-ruler) is applying to a semisquare to Venus but will form a quintile to the Ascendent prior to that, should I take the aspect to the Asc in consideration or go straightly to the aspect to venus?

Overall, it seems to me there may be some luck involved, it may be something very small that may come my way thans to the help of someone else (Moon?). Correct or wrong?

Thank you!
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