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Hi Ronia,

I have 29 degrees 30 minutes of Taurus rising fopr this chart, so this is very much a late degree chart. Personally I wouldn't read for this chart, a small error in your timing or in where you are compared to the co-ordinates listed in the program might well tip the Ascendant into Gemini.

I know Dave has a thing about accuracy and claims that modern ephemerides are far more accurate than seventeenth century ones, which may well be true. However the greatest source of error is in both the timing done for the event (be it natal or a horary) and the geographical location used by the program that performs the calculation. compared to where you actually are. In total these may be quite small but they are not insignificant.

Sofia, like any large city covers several minutes of arc from one side to the other. That can usually be ignored but when you are so near to a sign boundary, coupled with even a small error in timing (for example your clock is 1 minutes slow) and the Ascendant is wrongly placed.

I'd follow the old rule and need at minimum 2 degrees and preferably 3 rising at the beginning of a sign and at least 28 degrees (but prefrably 27) rising at the other end.

The best thing to do in such circumstances is either wait till later in the day, or try again the following day.

In answer to your other questions, No, biquintiles are not really an acceptable applying aspect, we need something much stronger, which is why the major aspects are used. Lilly was perfectly award of minor aspects and even mentions them in his Book III on natal Astrology but he never uses them in Horary. The same goes for the other minor aspects - they are at best clutching at straws and at worst insignificant in a Horary reading.
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