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Horary Success - Lost Ring Found

This isn't a horary question but rather a report of horary success. A couple of weeks ago we went away and when we returned I discovered that my heirloom ring (maternal grandfather's ring) was missing. I thought maybe I had left it at the hotel. But then I remembered deciding not to wear it since my finger was swollen, so we were pretty sure I didn't take it along. (Although I didn't put it in its customary drawer when I took it off.)

I spent a few days turning out all the drawers and looking under everything I could think of, to no avail. So yesterday it occurred to me to try a horary chart. I used the time that the idea crossed my mind as the time of the question. According to my reference books, jewelry is ruled by Venus and is associated with the 5th House. I couldn't find any obvious mention of "maternal grandfather's valuables" unless it would be the 2nd House since the mother's father is indicated by the 1st House. In the chart, Venus is located in the 12th house, intercepted in Aries. Pisces is on the cusp of the 12th. Venus is disposited by Mars in Virgo in the 5th House and Mars is disposited by Mercury in Pisces in the 11th House. Venus and Mars are in close quincunx. The 2nd House ruler, Mercury, is closely opposed Mars. The 5th House ruler, Sun, is in early Pisces in the 11th House.

The condition of Venus led me to believe the ring was in a closet or drawer, and that it was doubly hidden considering the interception. I also figured that it was up off the floor. First I went back through all of the luggage we took and all of the likely drawers, then I started on the closets. Knowing my penchant for hiding valuables when I leave, I looked under and inside all my hats on the top shelves (thinking Aries), then I started looking in the pockets of all the winter coats I may have been considering taking on the trip. I finally found the ring in the pocket of a winter vest.

What happened was I had the vest on as we were getting ready to leave, then decided to wear something different instead. At the same time I took the ring off and absent-mindedly put it in its case and stuck that in the vest pocket. We were rushing around trying to get out the door so I didn't put it back where it belonged. Then I took off the vest and hung it in a closet. I never thought about the ring again until a few days after we got back.

After I did the chart and figured out where to focus my search, it took me only an hour to locate the ring. I probably would not have found it otherwise until next winter. This was an interesting case study, and fortunately I didn't have to get any deeper into the chart analysis.
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