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Originally Posted by Minderwiz View Post
That's a great account and isn't it such a good feeling when the chart works out
I was thrilled, both with the astrology and with getting the ring back. I neglected to mention that Venus ruled the Taurus Ascendant and the Part of Fortune was in Taurus and angular, so I had no doubt the ring would turn up

I was also fascinated with the secondary undercurrents in the chart, even though I didn't delve deeply enough to see if they played a part in the outcome. As I said, my mother's father was represented by the 1st House (4th from the 10th) and his moveable possessions (of which the ring was a valuable one) by the 2nd House . The 5th House would have been connected with the maternal grandfather's jewelry, and the ruler of the 5th was the Sun in the 11th House. The ring was a token of appreciation and recognition that he received from his company when he retired. It came to me as an inheritance, and the ruler of the 8th House, Jupiter, was also in Taurus in the 12th, sitting just above the Ascendant, sextile to the Sun and also dispositing it. Perhaps, like the One Ring, this one just willed itself to be found
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