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I'm just emerging from a 3 day bug,

On the date, I'd agree with Barleywine, unless the question is focussed on a the person who is being 'dated'

For example, 'Will the date be a success?' is fifth house

Will I get on with X when we go on our date? is seventh house - it's about another person, rather than the activity. Note that this would not be a relationship question so there's no use of the Sun and Venus as secondary significators

On the issue of the same significator - I'm assuming here you mean a situation something like, a question about the querent's hobby of jewellery design has a Gemini Ascendant and Virgo on the cusp of the fifth house (dealing with hobbies)

- Use the exaltation planet for the sign in question, though that's not always possible (neither Gemini or Virgo have an exaltation planet)

- Use a planet that's in the quesited's house, in the example above you see that Mars is in Virgo in the fifth, so you could use that as the significator of the hobby

- use a natural significator of the thing quesited, for example Venus for jewellery or indeed hobbies and fun.
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