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Since "dates" (and especially first dates) are usually romanticized beforehand, with the anticipation of being fun, I would still say 5th house. If the question is whether it would lead to a more lasting relationship, it would look like 7th house to me. (But Minderwiz has already said that )

Regarding the work-related question, 6th house is the querent's "job" and "co-workers" (also "employees" if that happens to apply in your case). Alternatively, if it's about career stability (like, for instance, getting promoted or fired), 10th house would be the focus area. But I'm not sure we're talking "apples and apples" here. I'm thinking house meanings, not planetary significators. I know in astro-geomancy it's possible to have the same planet in multiple locations in the chart, but I'm having difficulty seeing how Mercury could appear more than once in a horary chart unless you're considering Mercury house placement as one instance and Mercury rulership of a significant house cusp as the second.
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