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Originally Posted by Ronia View Post
Well, if the Ascendant is in Virgo, for example, and the job house (regardless 6th or 10th) starts in Gemini, what do you see? I see the ruler is the same - Mercury. Where am I wrong? Is there another ruler of those signs?
Ah, now I see that you're talking rulerships, and wherever Mercury is would be relevant to both houses. It could only be 1st-10th, though, since Gemini couldn't be on the 6th cusp with a Virgo Ascendant. If the work question is about a decision to be made that affects the querent, I would look at the condition of Mercury in the chart (dignified or debilitated by sign and house, aspects to any planets in the 1st, 6th and 10th, aspects to the ruler of the 6th and to Saturn with its 10th house affinity). It should also reveal something about the querent's objective mental outlook on, or (especially if the Moon is involved) subjective preoccupation with, the work or career issue. But that's just basic astrology. Minderwiz or another of our more experienced "horarians" (Astrae, is it?) can be more specific than I can.
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