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Originally Posted by Ronia View Post
Thanks, Minderwiz. It's a bit difficult to picture it now, too bad I didn't save the chart. I'll try to get another similar chart and apply what you've written here. I'm a visual person and get lost in reading. Pictures work better for me. LOL

Still, what if there is more than one planet in Gemini in the 10th house in your job example? Which of two planets (for example) I should choose? Intuitive?
Two possible ways of deciding:

Either take the one nearest the House cusp - that is the one in the earliest degree of Gemini and still in the tenth House.

Or take the one that seems to fit the situation best - if you have say Venus and Mars (in that order) and the question is about a job in the security industry, then Mars would be the better choice, even though it's further from the cusp.

There's no hard and fast rule on this, just as there's no rule that says you have to take a planet in the house over the exaltation planet, or indeed that you can't use the triplicity ruler. Experience can help obviously, so can knowlege of what planets naturally symbolise and sometimes if more than two houses are concerned (such as questions about the sale of property or possessions, or questions about items lost, mislaid or stolen), you may find that your choice can be quite dramatically narrowed, and you have to make some hard decisions on which planet to use as a significator for each of the 'items' you are considering.
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