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Here is a chart I cast for myself, 10:50 am on March 3, Sofia, Bulgaria; question "Will I meet JL this year?" I take 1st and 7th house rulers first. I'm Mercury, he is Jupiter. There is no aspect. Mercury is in the terms of Jupiter, Jupiter is in the face of Mercury. How should I read these?

If I take the Moon as me, she is in Cancer in her home, in the terms of Jupiter and in his exaltation but she's separating from him, weird as I've never met JL before. Jupiter on the other hand is past the exaltation degree of the Moon in Taurus but isn't exaltation by sign?

However, Moon is applying to a trine with the Sun and there won't be another major aspect before that. And here I get a bit confused how to decipher all the connections both planets have to Jupiter by terms, face, etc. Moon in 9 degrees Cancer is in the exaltation of Jupiter, and in his terms. Sun in 13 degrees Pisces is in the terms of Jupiter and in his face. Does this add to the trine somehow? The Moon is in the 2nd house, the Sun on the cusp of the 11th but still in the 10th. Connection through work/career? Business meeting? But this is highly unlikely, we're so far in terms of business... Is the trine and the reception to Jupiter enough here to say "yes"?

What does the North Node mean on the DC? Is it significant somehow? And Pars of Fortune in the 5th? How do they add to the picture?

P.S. By the way, if I had just asked if I was going to have a date soon, this chart would also have had the same ruler for me and the question - Mercury for the 1st and Mercury for the 5th house, and there is no other planet in the 5th (I don't know how to read Pars of Fortune there), so I'd have had the same issue - how to proceed with same ruler and no other planet in the 5th house.
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