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Originally Posted by Wendywu View Post
Hey Linnie, if you're around - I loved this thread you started:

Real food for thought, and then doing mental word searches for other pairings of similar kind
Thanks, Wu I'm not a very practised thread starter, so I appreciate your feedback

Hello Blue, Lute, yira, PW. Yay for PWs lack of rain More rain would be made welcome here
Originally Posted by yirabeth View Post
G'morning all A wee bit less "playtime" for me this morning, decided to pack enough lunch for everyone if desired...hehe (turkey/cheddar/lettuce for sandwiches, bread, mayo, in a cooler) Maybe I'll get rid of some spare turkey
Sandwich sounds yum, yira, but it is bed time here...

Originally Posted by Lutestring View Post
ust had a phone call fom my uncle in devon. he lives on a hill, so the floods are not affecting him, but i think he is a bit bored with all the rain. he asked me what i was doing, and i told him i was sewing little fabric bags...didn't mention tarot cards. i was so tempted to tell him i had been recycling old fabric from priest's vestments into tarot bags (because i really am doing that right now!) . i think he would be rather shocked
He may be the supreme recycler and be delighted at your recycling efforts? (Where does one find secondhand priests vestments????)

Originally Posted by BlueDragonfly View Post
Morning Blue.... I've just popped in, and judging by te number of yawns and difficulty of focus, I shoudldn't stick around...
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