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oh, i missed linnie! hello to all those who are awake now. i should go to bed.

Originally Posted by yirabeth View Post
lute, I can just imagine the look on his face...probably best you didn't mention what the bags were for and made from
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He may be the supreme recycler and be delighted at your recycling efforts? (Where does one find secondhand priests vestments????)
just tiny pieces, on ebay where i'm always trying to find unusual fabric. it's the purple and gold damask on my bag sale thread.

i don't think my uncle would apporove of tarot . he's so nice though, i sort of wish i could tell him. when i told him i had been doing lots of sewing, he mentioned he had a few buttons that needed sewing on, so i said i would do that for him when i come over (hopefully early next year).
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