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Originally Posted by Mellaenn View Post
Hey, anybody here who likes to read - I just finished book two in a trilogy that's really good. Deborah Harkness is the author and she calls it the All Souls trilogy. The first books is "A Discovery of Witches" and the second one is "Shadow of Night".

A modern-day witch and vampire meet and fall in love, but it's against the regulations for 'creatures' to inter-marry so they are in trouble with the Powers That Be. They are also in pursuit of this manuscript of ancient secrets. It's well-written.

Now I have to wait however long for the final book.
oooh, sounds good. I'll have to look for it. thnx for the recommendation.

Originally Posted by toj View Post
I got $10 worth as well. Two with powerplay, two without. Good luck celticnoodle!
yeah, thnx, good luck to you as well, toj!

Originally Posted by emmsma View Post
Haven't seen that in ages. When we were at the store they had the Grinch playing in the tv area. Emm claims he's never seen it! The original.

Makes me feel I'm a bad mom. Don't think we are putting the tree up this year. Can't remember but we may have chucked it last year. Wonder if I should hang something off the cat tree.
oh the Grinch! another GREAT movie! we watch it every year. many times every year.
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