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Hi Chiska and QoD Welcome back, Blue!

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Hey Everybody!

(((( Stormy )))) mama-bear-stormy!

Yira - the job is sounding great!! I thought of you while paying bills this afternoon. I was very happy to think that soon you will be feeling less stress when paying bills. For me, today was the least amount of bill-paying stress that I have felt in almost 2 years! I paid the bills, put some in savings, and still have plenty for dog food and people food. WITHOUT having to keep a running tab at the grocery store.

AND I paid a HUGE chunk of my massive doctor bill that has been accruing since July.
I'm not quite there yet, but I think I have a real hope of seeing that *very* I really am feeling very good about it all right now Things aren't perfect...but I see good times in my future...♥
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