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Originally Posted by prudence View Post
Le Fanu, I'm very jealous of you at the moment. The scans do look so perfect and I love your description of Victorian grotesquerie.
It's that eerie, rather sickly side of Victoriana which I always loved and which this deck captures so perfectly. Borderless cards too so all that unhinged sideshow clutter, the manic grins and hooked noses spill right out to the edges of the cards.

It's wonderful that the world of tarot has something for all tastes. I'm endlessly questioning why the decks which are instant hits of instagram - with their gentle, uplifting messages and swirly artwork - never quite reach me. It must be me. It's not you, it's me (kind of thing). And then along comes a deck like this and I think YES! Somebody somewhere knows exactly what I like!
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