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I have the simple one - the cheapest ;-) and it's lovely. It's my first "artificially aged" deck and I was not sure how I would like it, especially since the original deck is so beautiful, elegant and drawn (etched) with a very light hand. I was afraid that if the aging was done with a heavy hand, it would kill the original. But somehow it feels just right. I makes the spots of highly saturated colour, especially the scarlet red, pop a bit more while it neutralizes the blues and greens. Quite suitable to a neo-Classical colour scheme. The absence of white doesn't bother me.

There's a dark border that becomes invisible when I lay out the cards - I always use a dark spread cloth. When I have time, I'll paint the edges very dark brown or black. I did that to the Anna K., the Secret Forest and others with dark borders, and it's a nice touch.

The cardstock is fine IMO - but I'm not overly critical about cardstock and can't remember that it ever put me off a deck. It's often outside of the artist's control anyway. There's a slight structure to it, no pronounced canvas but just a slight grip. They're flexible and easy to shuffle but not flimsy.

I'm really happy with this deck. I wish I had a larger tarot budget but I can't afford another Duck Soup deck at the moment...
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