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An Update and an Info Query

Update: The Brownies Oracle is very close to being done. Really and for true! I have five cards left to design, and plenty of artwork to choose from; then it's a matter of getting the package together, uploading files and waiting on the proof copy. I'm pretty well confident that this deck will be completed and available at last by late August.

And the companion book to the PUNCH deck ought to be ready around the same time.

After that? I have three more projects that I've already started and am looking forward to working on them in earnest!


Now I need to ask for some advice on the ugly subject of marketing. It's my sense that I'm only reaching a small portion of the audience that's out there for my decks. But -- where to find them? I've done a small about of Google advertising, but other than that all my marketing efforts have been focussed here and on Facebook.

Where else is there? Is there anywhere else? Am I missing something? Deck creators, where do you market your work? Deck buyers -- where do you look? (As a deck collector myself, I tend to look here and at Amazon).

I especially want to get into retail stores, but so far, with just one exception, they are steadfastly Not Biting when I approach them direct via email. I know my decks are pricey, but that can't be helped as long as I have to produce them in small runs or POD.

Really, I wish that I could afford to hire a real marketing person, but that ain't happening anytime soon.

Any ideas or advice? I'll be happy to detail everything I've been doing in this area in the unlikely event that anyone is interested. Maybe I should start a thread on this subject. Or does one exist that I don't know about?

Many thanks, anyway, especially for the kind words folks have shared here.

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