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As a deck buyer, I look here (not amazon) and instagram.

I've had enough of facebook and very rarely go there. But I love instagram - I check out #tarot and #tarotdecks etc etc and it brings up all kinds of things. I thought I was pretty ahead of things and aware of what was going on but I'm always finding extraordinary things posted on instagram. Cards can look so beautiful when photographed there, with filters and special effects and spreadcloths and crystals. I have been enabled endlessly there

I have to say though, I think that starting a holdall thread here - in deck creations - (and we have all ended up posting our impressions here) might have done you a little bit of a disservice. Most deck threads are in tarot decks. I only see this thread because I love your decks and I'm following it.

But seriously, 90% of the time I go to tarot decks, 5% tarot trading, 2% talking tarot, 1% Thoth, 1% Lenormand, 1% Oracle.

And nothing else.

If there are decks which are only in Tarot Creation, I simply don't see them. You started this thread and it might be that it has caused interest in your decks to languish here in a part of the forum which is less visited. Just an idea based on my movements around the forum. A thread in Tarot Decks gets people noticing and enabled. Unless I'm overestimating things...
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