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What LeFanu said. And I see you active only here, not elsewhere on AT. You must have a deep understanding of tarot and can certainly contribute to many topics. Becoming more active on the boards and showing and sharing your knowledge might give you a higher "credibility" - most of your potential clients are probably right here on AT, and like LeFanu said, if they are interested in buying decks, they start their AT session over at the deck discussions, or discuss other aspects or questions of the tarot.

I don't know whether these things are done and acceptable, but you might think about offering review decks to some popular reviewers on Youtube, Tumblr, blogs or other platforms - of course openly declaring that they go the deck from you to review it. I'm certain that Benebell Wen's review of Dame Darcy's tarot contributed to its popularity; there was no resisting her enthusiasm. Probably Mary Greer's positive review of the Holy Light deck convinced many to buy it.

You run of course the risk that the reviews contain also criticism and find weak spots in your deck; the more knowledgeable the reviewer, the higher that risk becomes. But a discussion about a deck is interesting and might cause people to take a closer look. I think the risk is worth it, especially since you can learn from every competent criticism.

And is it worth to become a nine day's wonder? A sudden hype around a deck can backfire. I guess a good reputation, built slowly overtime, is better in the long run than the feeling, "wow, isn't that the deck that was wildly popular in the second half of February 2014?" :-)

I would also think about Etsy or some other platform that's easier to handle than your website. Just looking for how and where to order was a bit of a hassle, and Etsy is a great platform - or are you there already? I had an Etsy shop for years, and the percentage you pay is IMO worth the ease for seller and buyer.
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