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This month -- The Brownies Oracle, AND Mister Punch's Tragically Comic or Comically Tragic Tarot Book.

Next month (with any luck) -- Tinker's Damn Lenormand. I know that some folks won't like this deck, will think that it's too "crowded" or "busy" ... this is part of why it's named what it's named... as in "I don't give a..." I'm making a deck that _I_ like, and damn the torpedoes! It has a very antiquated, "asse,bled from spare parts" look about it, hence the "tinker."

October (with any luck) -- Mme. Loviise's Scorned Oracle. This is actually a two-deck project. It has a fiction wrapped around it, and is loosely connected to the whole Zirkus universe.

December (one hopes) -- the "illuminated" edition of IL LOMBARDI DANNEGIATTO, with illustrated minors and a few different majors. Any semblance of authenticity will be Gone With The Wind in this edition...

... and I have more in the works. The illuminated Lombardi may be delayed if I'm having more fun working on a couple of other things that I can't talk about yet.

Thanks for asking!!

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