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Originally Posted by Barleywine View Post
I see some of us have been updating the template in the original thread on a daily basis, but not many. Is there an expectation for this? It seems to work best for me this way, and at the end I plan to do an overall "roll-up" interpretation and attach a picture.
Originally Posted by Disa View Post
I think the goal is to update daily. I enjoy updating daily. Many do the best they can as they juggle their everyday lives and/or vacation/work traveling. Some begin and don't end up completing the spread. We usually do an end of spread"wrap up" "roll up" or general "overall" interp of our readings at the end and many do attach a pic. It's really up to you- pretty flexible.
What Disa said I think updating every day is the ideal, but when life gets in the way of daily updating it's not uncommon to see readers need to catch up on a couple or a few days. Also a few readers had mentioned when they signed up that they would be traveling at some point during the reading and would need to be away from the forum for a few days.
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