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Originally Posted by scorpio
SUPERSIZE the kitties!!!
M-Press, Vampuss is a bit of an extreme project, I have to say. It is "my" thing in concept (it's an idea that's been around the back of my head for ages) and yes, a few people have been a bit "what???" when they saw it. However, it also seems to have had some amazing take-up already. So those who like it, really seem to like it. But it's quite a dark humour. And although you don't have to like cats, you have to understand them to get some of the expressions I think.
Edited to say - and thank-you for the confidence. Yes, it's becoming a whole world (oh dear, I wonder is that a good sign? ;-) ) The Vampuss spreads have this "oil painted" look that I love - it took a while to really know how to achieve that. Anyway, animation with sound on the way...

Scorpio - I feel so bad about not having supersized yet. However, look on the bright side - we could sneak in a few new pictures now. I really do want to do a limited edition of the Cats - and I think we really will. But as ever, there are so many projects and so little time (I mean, I can't even get the websites updated as fast as I should). But it will happen, it will. I think Vampuss sort of proves how good the pictures look BIG.
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