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Two architects stand on a plateau overlooking the construction of the pyramid below. The architect is associated with one who designs, builds or oversees the construction of new ideas or plans. He may also represent the creative part of oneself.

Construction suggests a situation, idea, experience or relationship that is being built or is under review.

The building of the pyramid represents a massive undertaking. It suggests hard work that won't have an immediate payoff but that will instead have a long-term payoff.

On the ground they've drawn three rings onto which they've superimposed the outline of a pyramid. The circle is a symbol of unity, of the absolute and of perfection. It represents heaven. It suggests all that exists, all time and all possibilities. The Egyptian symbol of eternity was a string tied to form a circle. The circle represents completeness.

The three circles could represent the playing suit of clubs, which is associated with money, wealth, work and luck. It also might be a trinity symbol. It could also represent wholeness in the sense of mentally, spiritually and physically.

The triangle represents both fire and masculine virility. The triangle is also a trinity symbol. It's associated with supreme power and prosperity. It could correspond to the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of oneself.

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