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This card i have drawn twice in a matter of days.
the first time, I asked the deck how we would work together and the outcome, we as a team would and could acheive..
I took this as; through work, study and persistance we can acheive what i set out to do.. not only help others with this deck..but become in close connection with this deck . It may take a bit of time But i will be successful.
An Understanding of this deck will also be acheived..also amazed at this deck, to see its capabilities.. so far with the three cards i have drawn it has been spot on. really digging quite deep really.. Much what i was looking for in a deck.

the second time i drew this card was to see how the last half of my day would go..and looking back on it.. It was hard work but successful.. I still felt i need more work in areas, and am tweaking things to fit my expectations.. But i feel i will get there.. as this card suggests there is success, just a bit of planning, thought and persistance and i will acheive what i have set out to do..
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