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Originally Posted by MeeWah
Sacred Circle's GreenMan strongly reminds me of Thoth's Fool, especially in the green Thoth deck & in that Fool's mad eyes. That spirit of the wild. The primal life force of untamed natural instinct that reverberates through the woods. The spirit of Nature, a law unto itself.
And Inanna_tarot said: "...the GreenMan picture seems to jar with me. He isn't the innocent fool or the fool on a cusp of realisation (like in the Haindl), the GreenMan knows all that is wild and is daring us to break through to him and feel that raw spirit and instinct and drive we all have and battle with the 'norm'... I'm having a bit of a staring match with this GreenMan, he's challenging me to look at him, to let him take me on a crazy trip....To me his eyes are all-knowing, they aren't innocent, only seeing what you aren't seeing..."

Thank you both for your posts on this....I think I'm getting it now.

Yes, I've been really really disconcerted with this Green Man's stare, and his 2 front teeth, besides...he's a dangerous dude, who'd abandon you in a Mexicali Hotel with no money and broken illusions, in a heartbeat. Not, you understand, out of meanness, but simply on the premise that you could take care of yourself or you wouldn't be running with him! He's an educational experience on wheels. And, MeeWah, he does have that Crowly mad fool's stare...............I'm developing a new understanding of just why I haven't much wanted to connect with this card!!! There is nothing innocent about him, and I knew him well, in my younger days. Sometimes I ran with him, sometimes I was him. Matter of fact, if our family had a Crest, he'd be on it!!
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