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Originally Posted by magpie9
And Inanna_tarot said: "... He isn't the innocent fool or the fool on a cusp of realisation (like in the Haindl), the GreenMan knows all that is wild and is daring us to break through to him and feel that raw spirit and instinct and drive we all have and battle with the 'norm'... To me his eyes are all-knowing, they aren't innocent, only seeing what you aren't seeing..."

Thank you both for your posts on this....I think I'm getting it now.

Yes, I've been really really disconcerted with this Green Man's stare, and his 2 front teeth, besides... He's an educational experience on wheels. And, MeeWah, he does have that Crowly mad fool's stare...............I'm developing a new understanding of just why I haven't much wanted to connect with this card!!! There is nothing innocent about him, and I knew him well, in my younger days. Sometimes I ran with him, sometimes I was him. Matter of fact, if our family had a Crest, he'd be on it!!
Yes. Although The Fool may traditionally or otherwise be synonymous with innocence &/or purity, The Fool holds within him all experiences & not just the potential for same. This Fool speaks of a freedom borne of not innocence, but of its opposite: that of knowledge; a wild abandon from experiencing that knowledge. May even be Bacchanalian (is that a word?). More like Pan or of Herne the Hunter (with apologies for any crossing or blending of the unlike).
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