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Originally Posted by EmpyreanKnight View Post

King of Pentacles Rx + The Hermit + Temperance

1 Court and 2 Majors suggest that succeeding events will be fateful, and may even mark major points in your life. It seems that something you have lately taken for granted - your health, finances, or even a person who cherishes you- would take a sudden fall. I don't think that this would be cataclysmic, but it won't be piddling either.

Due to this, you would be forced to turn inwards to find solutions to the problem perhaps, but mainly to meditate on what led you to that situation, and what you can do differently to prevent that from happening next time. This contemplative state won't solely focus on that particular concern- you may take an inventory of all the things, the lacks and excesses, which you ought to deal with, and formulate plans on how to make things much better for you and your family. Behind every cloud though there is a silver lining- trials and travails do end, and armed with the lessons you have learned and the insights you have gained, you will begin to lead a more temperate and centered life, finding the balance that you knowingly or subconsciously have been looking for all along. In the end you will find contentment.
Yeah, I think this already happened to me. We went through some crazy rough patches the past few months and I am finally making progress at staying in my center and embracing that Temperance! :-D This is actually the theme I'm contemplating these days anyway as I am reaching its culmination, so you must have picked on that! :-D



X of Pents and Wands - Magician

Waaaaa! Again, two tens, change.

What I'm seeing here is that you've got some detox to do, from all points of view. There is baggage (karmic, bodily, emotional, etc.) that you've been carrying around and you don't need to do so any more. They've already served their purpose, so it's time for you to use your innate understanding and knowledge of what needs to be done, when and where to release those energies and let them go where they are needed now. I'll use the analogy of cleaning your closet (which could be literally one of the steps anyway!). It's packed, it's messy, it's dusty and unpleasant, you don't have room for anything, when you open the door, everything floods out. There comes a time when you have to take a magic wand and take everything out and sort them. I for one like to do something like: what I keep, what I may use later, what I donate and what I throw away, but that's my own system, you use the system that suits you best. Only when you have emptied and tidied your closet and kept only what you use all the time, washed them (oooh, smudging is good!), made them pretty and all (such a pretty shiny closet now!), you'll have room for all the abundance and permanence you seek. You need room for awesomeness to come in!
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