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10 of Wands reversed, princess of swords reversed, and princess of wands
(Present - near future - further future) Tarot Apokalypsis

Present: you're doing too much at once, expending too much energy between too many options. Multitasking which leads to the completion of nothing. Doing so much may have left you exhausted, mentally or physically, and might have left you susceptible to exploitation by others (if you are not already being exploited, potentially due to being too kind and not being willing to say "no" when others ask you to do things).

Near future: It seems like you may try to learn how to do something new, but something may prevent that knowledge from being applicable, whether it be an incomplete understanding of what you're learning or an unwillingness to take the time to really learn it. It's also possible, if you're a writer, that you'll have a blockage, whether that's due to an incomplete idea or an inability to really flesh out the idea is unseen at this time. If this is related to the previous card (which I believe it may be), you may end up being manipulated or exploited now but in the near future you may try to act like it never happened or as though it was done in your best interest; even if you know otherwise.

Further future: After learning the lesson from the two previous cards, you'll undergo some sort of transformation. It'll be like a whole new you as you move from a state of inaction to a state of action. It's also possible that something about your writing idea (if you're a writer), will suddenly click at that block will be gone. To me, this card also shows as the capability, or actuality, of taking whatever it is you've dreamed of and making it into a reality. Maybe whatever you were trying to learn to do in the previous card is what you've always wanted to do and now you're able to.
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