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Originally Posted by Soaring Eagle View Post
While looking at this card I can feel the doubt, the mental pressure, that the card implies. I compared this card with the 2 (Inner Peace) and the 4 (Contemplation). It seems natural that after a time of inner peace we may face doubts and then a time of contemplation. Even though this card appears "negative" the 2 and the 4 offer peace, so maybe this card is telling us that we are over-thinking a situation? We only believe that there is a problem, when in reality one does not exist? If the birds were ravens, maybe they are telling us that we need to mentally focus ourselves to gain the spiritual knowledge they bring?
Over-thinking to a certain point, yes. Often we start to question ourselves, whether we're good enough. We find ourselves in that circle every so often, too often in my opinion. This is purely self-made, non-existing fear. We need to learn how to deal with this and how to prevent going into this place. I think that's what the birds might be telling.
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