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Exclamation Birth Data Listing for participants in Astrology postings

All of those who participate in the various Astrology threads may list their Birth Data here. This will facilitate the use of individual charts when questions come up relative to the topics being posted.

You are requested to use the following format:
** Screen Name (as used here on Aeclectic Tarot)
** Date of Birth (MM-DD-YYYY)
** Birth Time (HH-MM, AM or PM)
** Birth Location (town or city name & country, plus
longitude East/West DDD-MM and latitude North/Sout DD-MM)
** Time Zone (East/West and Hours, plus name of time zone) Note that if Daylight Savings Time or War time or other factors change the number of calculated hours from Greenwich Time, then indicate that).
** Sun position (Tropical zodiac sign, DD-MM or DD-MM-SS)
** Mon position (Tropical zodiac sign, DD-MM)
** Ascendant (Tropical zodiac sign, DD or DD-MM)
** MC (Tropical zodiac sign, DD or DD-MM)

** You may list each of your planets by sign, DD-MM. (Classical planets only) but this is not necessary.
** You may list a link to your horoscope chart.
** If you have been living in your current location for some years and this is significantly distant from your birth location, please list also your current location (general area, long. and lat.)

If you are reluctant to publically list your birth data you may simply list your ASC and MC signs and degrees, and the sign and degree of all planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) and your north node. In doing this, you would not provide your birth date, time or location information. (Edited by Dave)

** Do not list house cusps as others may use a different house system.
** Do not list asteroids or other bodies.
** Do not add chat threads or topical threads to this section.

These are discussions so far.


(Moderator note, This list will start to look more professional soon, it is time consuming to make all those links work-----Paradoxx)
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