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Originally Posted by Blessed View Post
Hello AraLuck and thank you for this generous opportunity!

Would it be possible to look into my question, as well? I'm available to give feedback as soon as possible.

My question is how will my relationship with Bill progress in March?

Many thanks!
Hey there - you're very welcome and I hope this makes sense!


9 Queen Ace :diamond


The middle line sort of represents the start, middle and end of the month. You guys seem to have come from a very difficult period. Perhaps you separated with Bill? 9 is usually a card of endings, and with you being in the middle of the line, I would say you suffered a loss of some sort with regard to this person... a breakup or very, very big argument. But you're composing yourself right now, alone, potentially away from him and this will allow you to pave the way for a fresh start at the end of the month. Ace sort of illuminates, I see it as a light at the end of the tunnel, and it's most definitely something very positive in terms of your own well being but also for you both.

What the advice is : Queen - to me this could be someone you can turn to and rely on for support, a friend, mother or sister... somebody from your social circle. It can also be telling you to socialise and circulate, focus on work and the more material or earthy aspect of things during this time.

What to avoid is : 9 I think this speaks of money here. Perhaps you could be inclined to indulging a bit, since you'd want to recover from your sorrows. There's no need for that. Also, don't exert yourself too much. It could be talking about stress or a high energy which you put into this situation and which is not required since things will take a new turn.

I hope this makes sense!
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