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Faeries Oracle ... aah, what a disappointment

Ok, you can all hit me, but you should know I tried, I really tried...

Because I have wonderful friends they gave me the Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud, together with the book, a set I looked forward to for some time. I read all the reviews anywhere on the web, I read the threads here, all the people raving about it, and when I saw the breathtaking beautiful online scans I decided this is a must have. Apparently I miss something significant in my life if I don't have this set. I looked and looked at the cards online, and most of the time I liked them a lot as they already seemed to be some sort of friends! For example Himself, Ta-Om, Indi and even the Shrinker looked like interesting faearie folk and I looked forward meeting them. Some other cards I had already seen did not speak so much to me, but as many sites said: "the scans do not justice to the beauty of these cards..."

So I got the cards and I read a first bit of the book while I had the cards in a rough spread in front of me. I did as suggested, I stopped reading and grouped the cards in a way I found interesting. Then I already felt something in my stomach, a little annoyed ball inside, jumping up and down (anyone recognizes this?), that almost never happens unless I am deeply bored and disappointed. I found the pictures artistically very talented done. Brian Froud IS an amazing artist! But they did not speak to me. Not one of the faeries, not even my online favorites... It is not that I have problems with some so called not so nice pictures or characters. I believe too that all has its place in life and that includes unpleasant messages as well, for the good in the end. But they are just pictures of... well, what shall I say, pictures of faeries. Just plain nicely drawn pictures. Any tarot deck I have speaks with a louder voice (do faeries have a voice? The book claims they love singing.) And maybe it is true and I am not choosen to hear their voices, perhaps because I don't listen well enough.

But how is this possible? How could I have been so wrong? I really read sooo many reviews and out of hundreds of opinions I only remember one not raving about this deck. And that was one of a very young girl who seemed a bit afraid of some of the characters. So I am a freak? And now I don't know what to do with the deck.

I pulled three cards a day, I put specific cards in sight so I could get used to them, and yes I feel familiar with the pictures now. Still just plain pictures, although beautiful. But I tend to see the beauty less and less because I am so disappointed. In the overall deck, in the faeries, in myself. I want to get rid of them and had planned to trade them away. And then I change my mind and think: well, why don't you give them a real and new chance.

Anyone who has some suggestions to improve my relationship with the Faeries Oracle? I know I am biased now, but I will give me and the cards an honest chance once more. Or should I give up and live long and happy ever after with my already very nice and loud-speaking collection? Anyone?

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