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I had a heck of a time initially with some of the cards in this Oracle -- and still haven't gotten so far as to do more than a one-card draw for anyone else because I have a hard time when I see them in a spread -- someone else said, "too busy" -- and I do have a sense that I'm trying to sort out all my impressions with it. I've begun to realize that this is a sort of stress-reaction that happens when I think I should see something or be getting something, and feel that I'm not. But then, well... I took a heck of a long time to connect with my first Tarot deck, too, and then suddenly I really connected. I do this one-card at a time thing -- i.e., hang out with one card for a long, long time till I begin to connect with it...

Funny, too. I really connected with the Singers almost immediately, and nearly anything with pretty wings... but have had a harder time with some of the less colorfully drawn faeries. Not sure what that's about, but then I'm not sure it matters, either. I do know I tend to like very colorful decks, and often am drawn to greens, blues and purples in particular -- perhaps this explains it. I dunno.

All that said... I'm pretty sure there's nothing wrong with you. We're all just different, and sometimes it takes awhile to connect with a deck, and sometimes we just don't connect at all... Honestly, I have one deck that causes me to shake my head every time I think of it... Not colorful, and the pictures are too abstract for me. But that's okay. I have other decks I can read with and I guess I figure that the real problem would be if I couldn't find any insight in any of them...

Happy Holidays,
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