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Dwaas has more internal fortitude than I do. I was just going to keep my mouth shut.

After reading about the deck here at ATF for a couple of years, and from people I respect, I decided to buy it. Could hardly wait for it to come. Studied it for several weeks, tried a few layouts. It just didn't work for me.

I wonder if it works best for people who, themselves, are a little fey. And I'm just much too much the Queen of Swords. I seem to approach life from the intellect. Which, very likely is my loss. But I can't change my eye color either.

I gave my deck to my women's spirit group for a Festival of Lights raffle. I understand that the woman who purchased it is very pleased with it.

So now, at least here in Portland, everyone's a winner in the situation. And SisterSpirit, my women's group, made a little money in the bargain.

I admit to having a bit of regret that fey was left out of my genes, but there it is. You just have to play the hand you were dealt.

Best wishes,

Red Emma.
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