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Originally Posted by Hemera View Post
She looks a lot like a friend of mine who is rather nice but not exactly an easy person to be friends with..

This High Priestess looks calm and determined. Maybe she is feeding the mice to the cat? Somehow I feel that she could be connected to the Nature from the darker side, you know, from the not-much-talked-about side of things like decay, death, and all the raw edges of the meat-eating side of the natural world. Usually, when we talk about Mother Nature we want to just think of the pretty procreating bunny and Empressy side of it.

This High Priestess could be someone who breeds and tests mice in a laboratory for research purposes. Maybe for developing a vaccine against the swine flu? Something that may seem to be evil but in the end is not.
Just saw this, Hemera and it totally helps me see this card and GET it finally! It has been one of those cards that are "mute". I also feel this lady is much much older than she wants us to believe (check her neck and hands). She hides her age and knowledge to keep getting more info about people who may not approach her otherwise. She is super smart to know how to entice people but keep them at a safe distance as well. And yes, I tend to agree she probably feeds the cat with the mice she catches... Glad this is just symbolic.
The word creep also came to mind: not so much as creepy but as a person who creeps into your heart and mind, you can't quite shake her off but you don't like thinking about her that much either.
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