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Originally Posted by Alan Ross
I have naysayers in my head that constantly whisper to me that I'm a failure because of everything I don't have and everything I've failed to achieve. I would love to silence those voices and experience "just dancing and being in pilgrimage, moving joyously, without bothering about any destination."
I felt like this for many, many years. For me, I'd make the mistake of comparing myself to my friends, my peers, always feeling I have lagged behind, always.
Now, I find that I have been blessed in so many different ways...ways inwhich do not fall regularly in line with what society believes to be "success".
I am now at peace with the idea that I will never be like the rest, I will have to walk my own path.
When I look at the 8 of Fire, I feel the vastness of the Universe, and a deep connection, knowing I have all that I need at this time. The journey is/has been wonderous, and I know that as I make my way, I will find others to share this path.
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