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There's something cartoonish and overly bright about the colors on this card. There's no subtlety in the shading. It's a naive rainbow. Oh, and the left eye (on our right) of the merged faces really should be shaped somewhat differently. It's just too Egyptian, and not in a good way.

Now that I have the art critic out of my system, I think this is a very interesting and helpful way to convey the concept of Temperance on a card. I do agree that this card shows a balancing of opposites that continue to co-exist, rather than the merging of two opposites that lead to the creation of a third, unique, substance. I can't really answer pleroma's question, though, because it seems to me that integration doesn't have to lead, necessarily, to the annihilation of the opposites that are integrated. In other words, I think swirls of black and white paint can lay just as much claim to being integrated as can a batch of gray paint. But I could easily be wrong.
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