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78 week 4of Wands Druidcraft

Fire: I think this is the key to the card for me it shows a small functional fire very stationary and under control. On the flip side it will burn out if not tended to and it can destroy the garland
Poles/Wands: show the security and stability of the card
Garland: Shows the celebration part of this card
The Path: makes a connection to the house / hearth and the work
House: rest and relaxation the home where we feel safe and secure

Element and Number
Fire: Energy, Willpower, Passion. Work, as in commerce
4: Stability, Security, Stagnation

Golden Dawn References
Traditional name: Lord of perfected work
Days: April 11th - 20th
Astrology: Venus in Aries You create an environment to your liking (Venus) in a direct and forceful way (Aries).
Sephiroth: Chesed Desires or motivations coalesce into specific actions or objects.

Bringing it all together
The House the stable poles the number 4 remind me of stability. The camp fire is work completed and the path to the house show rest after work. the garland is a celebration of some sort. The GD references all point to work completed .The Venus hints at a feeling or lover of some sort. The fire and Aries all point to this not lasting long. And those poles can fall if a good wind blows.
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